These Fennel & Salami Bites are a perfect holiday appetizer. It only takes 3 ingredients to create these delicious bites! |

Fennel & Salami Bites

Fennel & Salami Bites are  an easy-to-prepare, three-ingredient appetizer that’s sure to impress. Thin sliced fennel is topped with salami and nutty parmesan cheese.

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Halibut Ceviche

This Halibut Ceviche is made with the freshest of fish, tangy lime and cilantro – It’s got a kick of heat & is a healthy Mexican dish perfect for snacking!

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Roasted Lemon and Tomato Salad

This roasted lemon tomato salad evokes memories of a salad that my mom used to make in the summertime using fresh homegrown tomatoes and a simple light dressing of olive oil, red wine vinegar, oregano and a sprinkling of sugar, depending on the sweetness of the tomatoes. Such a simple salad, but delicious at the same time. The best part was using a loaf of Italian bread to mop up the leftover juices from the tomatoes after the salad was gone.

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