5 Great Rosé Wines Under $10 platingsandpairings.com

Rosé Wines – All Under $10

These are my favorite rosé wines. With a bit of acidity, berry flavors, and complex notes, they’re perfect for pairing with a wide variety of foods. 

5 Great Rosé Wines Under $10 platingsandpairings.com

As you may have noticed (here, here and here) – I’m a big fan of dry rosés. The main reason being that, in my opinion, there is no more versatile wine for pairing with food. Rosés are known for their strawberry and raspberry aromas and flavors. This isn’t your aunt’s blush wine. Today’s rosé wines are sophisticated yet relaxed, with complex notes ranging from sweet to savory to fruity – Think patio BBQs or light lunches.

I like to think of rosé as the WHITE wine for RED wine lovers. It is actually made from red grapes which can be from any region or grape varietal (i.e. Cabernet, Pinot Noir, etc.). Rosé also begins its life much like a red wine would – The grapes are de-stemmed, crushed and placed in a fermenter. However, unlike red wines, which spend two or three weeks with the grapes skins in contact with the juice, the skins of a rosé are removed after a brief period – a few hours to a couple of days depending on the type of grape and the style the winemaker is hoping to achieve. This brief contact with the skin provides body to the wine and adds complexity. It is also what gives the wine its pink color – which can range from a light bubblegum to a brilliant ruby depending on how long the grape skins are left in contact with the wine.5 Great Rosé Wines Under $10 platingsandpairings.comUnlike bold reds, rosé wines do not need to age in your cellar for years to be delicious. Just the opposite actually. It’s best to purchase them young and drink them young. The majority of wines that I sampled were from the 2014 vintage. Rosés are at their best when served chilled. However, when too cold they loose their delicate aromas and flavors. If served too warm, the residual sugar in many rosés will produce an unpleasant, cloying sensation.

I set myself to the difficult task of tasting and selecting five great rosés for you, all coming in at under $10. BONUS: They’re all so beautiful, anyone would have a hard time believing they’re bargain wines. Here are my favorites:

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