Thanksgiving Wine Pairing – Riesling

Pairing Riesling with Thanksgiving Dinner

Have some Thanksgiving wine pairing fun by pairing each course of Thanksgiving dinner with a different type of Riesling.

As I mentioned in this post, I’m a huge fan of pairing Riesling with foods of all kinds. Because Riesling can range from sweet, to semi-sweet, to bone dry, there’s a variety that can pair with just about any dish. So, I thought, why not have some fun and pair different Rieslings with the different dishes that you’ll traditionally find on the Thanksgiving dinner table.

I grabbed four different varieties from Pacific Rim Riesling, all sustainably produced here in the Pacific Northwest:

  1. Sweet Riesling – Moderately sweet and refreshing, flavors of pineapple and peach shine in this bottle.
  2. Dry Riesling –  Crisp, dry and lush with flavors of citrus, jasmine and minerals.
  3. J Riesling – A blend of sweet and dry Riesling, this bottle has a floral aromas and notes of pear and crisp red apple.
  4. Vin de Glaciere – Truly sweet with tropical aromas of pineapple and mango.

After sipping, and swirling, and dreaming about mashed potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie… Here’s what I think will be the perfect Thanksgiving wine pairings:

Dry Riesling has a bright, crisp flavor that will pair amazingly well with this rich and savory Sausage Stuffing

This Sweet Potato Casserole topped with Marshmallows from Dinner at the Zoo will be amazing with some Sweet Riesling. Its hint of sweetness and aromas of peaches will really compliment this classic dish. 

This Onion Green Bean Casserole from Melanie Makes is a perfect pairing with a citrus-spiked Dry Riesling. Its hint of minerality will help to cut through the richness of this dish. 

Green Bean Casserole
Twice the Onion Green Bean Casserole from Melanie Makes

One of my most requested dishes, Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries & Balsamic Reduction will be amazing with the J Riesling – A blend of sweet and dry Riesling, it will pair nicely with the sweet balsamic glaze but not compete with the strong flavor of the brussels sprouts themselves. 

Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic and Cranberries

J Riesling’s natural acidity stands up nicely to rich dishes like these Mashed Potatoes with Sour Cream.

This beautiful Turkey from Taste and See will be amazing paired with the Dry Riesling. It’s lush body, and hint of citrus pair perfectly with that beautiful bird. 

Let’s not forget dessert. I’m swooning over this Pumpkin Cheesecake from The Movement Menu and this Pecan Pie Cake from Liv for Cake. For an extra special treat, pair these with the Vin de Glaciere. Its intense sweetness makes it perfect for pairing with sweet desserts like these.

I’d suggest setting up a large ice bucket in the center of the Thanksgiving dinner table filled with the different bottles, allowing your guests to pour themselves the Rieslings as dinner goes along. Let everyone decide what their favorite Thanksgiving wine pairing is. The most fun part is seeing how everyone’s tastes are different!


  1. Marlynn | UrbanBlissLife

    I’m really enjoying the dry rieslings that are being produced now, and I love the idea of a bucket of ice in the center allowing guests to choose and pour as the dinner goes along. These recipes are all so mouthwatering, too!


  2. Melissa

    I like a sweeter Riesling but the dry one I had recently wasn’t too bad. It’s a great idea to serve it with the Thanksgiving meal. If only there were more wine drinkers in my family!


    1. Erin

      Less wine drinkers means more for you, right? 😉


  3. Melissa

    Perfect pairings for Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing these ideas


  4. Lindsay Ingalls

    Now I want green bean casserole and that dry riesling! Sounds so good together.


    1. Erin

      Right?! Bring on Thanksgiving and Riesling, and all the side dishes…


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