Wine (Spritzer) Pairings with Blossom Brothers

Lineup of the three Blossom Brothers Wine Cooler Flavors.

We’re going to have some fun today and go the non-traditional route with wine and food pairings. Instead of the classic Riesling, Pinot Noir or Cabernet, we’re going to experiment with wine spritzers!

Lineup of the three Blossom Brothers Wine Cooler Flavors.

Gone are the days of those syrupy sweet, fluorescent colored wine coolers from college. I was recently introduced at FEAST Portland’s Grand Tasting to a new lineup of wine spritzers from Blossom Brothers. I was hooked after my first sip of their Blood Orange & Ginger Root flavor. Bright citrus with a hit of fresh ginger at the end – it got me thinking that you could definitely pair it with food…. Maybe even Thanksgiving dinner perhaps?

Made from only four ingredients – wine, natural botanical essences, water and CO2. There’s no added sugar or artificial flavors, meaning that the personality and the flavors of the wine spritzers actually shine through. And, there’s three amazing flavors to try – White Peach & Jasmine Flower, Blood Orange & Ginger Root, and Pink Grapefruit & Honeycomb.

I scooped up a 4-pack of each of them and decided to do a few taste tests at home, coming up with some recipes that pair perfectly with each variety.

Blossom Brothers White Peach & Jasmine Flower

Blossom Bros’ White Peach & Jasmine Flower Wine Spritzer was the perfect pairing for this Harissa Chicken with Chickpeas and Yogurt. The hint of sweetness from the white peach helps to tame down the spicy heat and the floral jasmine perfectly compliments the exotic spices. Try pairing this flavor with other spicy dishes, like Thai food or Indian curries, or even enjoy it with sushi instead of sake!

Blossom Brothers Blood Orange & Ginger Root

Try pairing Blossom Bros’ Blood Orange & Ginger Root Wine Spritzer with Thanksgiving Dinner! The deep citrus flavor of the blood orange and spicy ginger root compliments everything from the cranberry garnish to the turkey to the Salted Caramel Pumpkin Pie. I think it would be so fun to bring a case of these along to a Friendsgiving celebration for an unexpected pairing!

Blossom Brothers Pink Grapefruit & Honeycomb

Blossom Bros’ Pink Grapefruit & Honey Comb Wine Spritzer has a lively acidity and natural sweetness, making it the perfect compliment to this rich and creamy Pumpkin Risotto. Have you tried this recipe yet?! It’s SO perfect for this time of year – Definitely a comfort food!!!

Can you think of any recipes that you’d love to try pairing with these fun wine spritzers? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!

I teamed up with Blossom Brothers to bring you this post. As always, all opinions are my own and you’ll definitely find me sipping on Blossom Brothers wine spritzers at home on the weekends!

Lineup of the three Blossom Brothers Wine Cooler Flavors.


  1. Catherine @ Ten Thousand Hour Mama

    I’m definitely coming around from my anti-fizzy alcohol stance. (ugh, Mike’s Hard Lemonade hangovers were the worst!) I’d be curious to try the pink grapefruit flavor!


  2. Marine

    I like that there is no added sugar as well… nothing to hide flavours


  3. Marlynn | UrbanBlissLife

    I was so surprised how much I liked the Blossom Bros Wine Spritzers when I tried them at Feast! They’re delightful! Yummy pairings you shared here, too.


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