Wine & Soup Pairings

Bottles of wine with bowls of soup

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This fall, why not cook up some new soup recipes and try pairing them with some amazing wines too? Here’s a roundup of amazing soup recipes and the wines that pair with them.

Bottles of wine with bowls of soup

Now that it’s fall and the temperatures have dropped, I find myself cooking up soup more and more often – You may have noticed here, here and here. I love that it’s a one-pot meal that I can eat for dinner one night and then pack for lunch the next day. Sometimes I’ll pair the soup with a simple green salad, and Rick always likes some bread on the side (I save my carbs for pasta), but the one thing I always pair my soup with is wine.

Choosing a wine to pair with soup starts with breaking down the ingredients. Similar to how you’d pair chicken with white wine, you would pair a bowl of chicken noodle soup with the same. For a tomato based soup, much like a big bowl of pasta in red sauce, you’d want a wine with less acidity (because tomatoes themselves can be acidic) and light on the tannins. Creamy soups benefit from wines with a bit of acidity to them, they help to cut through the richness. Pairing wine with soup is a fun way to experiment with your favorite combinations – Have fun with some Cava and a bowl of clam chowder, or try a Zinfandel with a hearty bowl of chili.

I’ve long been wanting to host a Soup Swap at home and I think that it would be extra fun if wine pairings were involved! Have you heard of a Soup Swap? It’s where you invite a group of friends over and everyone brings a container of their favorite soup for each person at the party, plus one extra container to sample at the party. At the end of the party, each guest leaves with several containers of soup that they can either eat right away, or stash in the freezer to enjoy throughout the chilly season.


Picture this – Each guest brings their soup to sample along with a wine that they think would pair perfectly. At the end of the night, your guests can vote on what they think the best pairing was. I really need to make this soup and wine pairing party happen this year! 

To get a head start on my planning, I’ve put together a list of some soup and wine pairings that I think may just win the popular vote. I’m pairing these soups with wines from Cameron Hughes, a brand that sets itself out to find amazing wines at exceptional values. Cameron Hughes meets with top wine producers all over the world and purchases either barrels or unmarked bottles that have that extra something special. They’re then labeled under the Cameron Hughes brand and offered to the public at the best possible price. I’ve discovered some really amazing wines through their website.

Here are some of my favorite soup and wine pairing options for this chilly fall season:

Tomato Soup

Try pairing tomato soup with a light red wine like Grenache, Gamy or Barbera d’Alba.

Tomato Orange Soup is the creamiest tomato soup recipe you will find. Plus, it's got a great tang for the orange juice. It's the perfect winter soup for chilly days.


  1. Ben Myhre

    I really like the idea of a pairing potluck. What a fun way to share food and drink.


    1. Erin

      Agreed! I really want to host a soup party this year Ben!


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