Christmas  Punch 

This festive and fun Christmas punch is a must at any holiday party. This recipe makes enough to serve all of your guests, plus it’s a vibrant and colorful centerpiece on the table. Made with fresh juices, lots of bubbles, and fresh fruit as a garnish, this Christmas drink is too good to pass on.

Why you'll LOVE Christmas Punch: 

INGREDIENTS for Christmas Punch

– cranberry juice – pineapple juice – dry sparkling wine – dark rum or brandy – sparkling water – fresh or frozen cranberries Garnish – lime slices – orange slices – mint sprigs

How To Make Christmas Punch:  1. Add all ingredients to a large punch bowl filled with ice. 2. Stir gently to combine. 3. Top with lime & orange slices, and mint sprigs.

You can easily make this punch recipe with or without alcohol. When you’re serving it at a party, make two batches (one with alcohol and one without), or keep the bottles on the side so guests can serve themselves. It’s so easy and flexible!

What kind of sparkling wine is best for punch? A very dry sparkling wine or champagne is best because they aren’t as aromatic or fruity as other varieties. A dry wine labeled “brut”, such as cava or prosecco, won’t overtake the taste from the fruity juices and other alcohols in the punch.



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