Raita Sauce 

Raita, a popular Indian condiment made of dahi (salted yogurt), is usually paired with spicy foods to tone down the heat and soothe the palate, making any meal it touches truly craveable and hard to put down!

Why you'll LOVE this Raita Sauce : 


– plain yogurt – English cucumber (finely diced) – fresh cilantro (minced) – cumin – Garam Masala – kosher salt

Making raita is so simple with just two steps! 1. Combine all of the ingredients in a small dish with a lid. Whisk until everything is incorporated. 2. Cover and refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before using.

What is Raita? Raita is an Indian condiment that is made of plain full fat yogurt, spices and some fruits or vegetables that add texture to the sauce. Raita has a lot of variations and can be made sweet or savory. It’s usually served cold to balance out the spicy flavor of the dishes it’s paired with.

What to serve with raita – Naan Bread – Curried Chicken – Lamb Kebabs – Tandoori Chicken – Prawn Biryani - Roasted Vegetables



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