Bang Bang Sauce

Add a tangy, sweet and spicy kick to your shrimp, seafood, fries, burgers, and more with Bang Bang Sauce! It’s an easy, creamy chili and mayo dipping sauce made from ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen.

Why you'll LOVE Bang Bang Sauce: 

INGREDIENTS for Bang Bang Sauce

mayonnaisesweet chili saucesriracharice wine vinegarsesame seedschives

How to make bang bang sauce: It’s easy! Add all of the ingredients to a small bowl, stir to combine, and you’re done. You can use the creamy dipping sauce right away or store it in the fridge for later.

Ways to use bang bang sauce: – Pair it with all kinds of seafood – It’s a must-have dipping sauce for french fries or zucchini fries – Dip for chicken tenders or chicken wings – Use it in burritos or on a burrito bowl – Drizzle a little over a loaded baked potato – Use it as a burger sauce

Variations – For a vegan version: replace the mayo with plant based mayo.

– If you’re not afraid of heat, add an extra tbsp of spicy sriracha or tone down the heat by reducing the amount by 1 tbsp.



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