Smoked Pork Belly 

Smoked Pork Belly is the only thing better than bacon! Seasoned with an easy dry rub, the pork is cooked low and slow until it’s tender, juicy, and melts in your mouth. It’s a smoky and deeply flavored cut of meat that must make an appearance at your next barbecue.

Why you'll LOVE Smoked Pork Belly: 

INGREDIENTS for Smoked Pork Belly 

– pork belly – brown sugar – smoked paprika – chili powder – garlic powder – onion powder – kosher salt – black pepper

Preheat a smoker or pellet grill to 250-degrees. Mix spices and brown sugar and rub into all sides of the pork belly.

Place the pork belly strips directly onto the smoker grate and cook for about three hours, or until the internal temperature reaches 200-degrees. Remove the strips from the smoker and serve.

Serving suggestions – Pork belly makes for a show-stopping main course. –Chop it into pork belly cubes for an appetizer with BBQ sauce for dipping. –Shred the meat for tacos. –Use the shreds as a topping on nachos. – Stir the pieces into fried rice. – Slice it up for a BLT sandwich. -Add to a bowl of udon noodle soup.