Quick Pickled Onions 

Quick Pickled Onions are so easy to make at home! With just 5-minutes you can have your red onions pickling. I love having a batch of these on hand for adding to dishes throughout the week. They offer the most delicious punch and tang to dishes that need brightening up.

Why you'll LOVE these Quick Pickled Red Onions: 

INGREDIENTS for Quick Pickled Onions

– red onion – apple cider vinegar – freshly squeezed lime juice – sugar – kosher salt – crushed red pepper flakes

A quick 10-second shock in boiling water softens the onions, making them ready to absorb all that delicious pickling liquid. Then, they’re plunged into a vinegar-lime juice-sugar mixture. After cooling for 30 minutes They’re ready to go!

Tip: Be sure not to throw out that magical pickling liquid when your onions are gone! Use it anywhere you would typically add a splash of vinegar or citrus. It’s amazing in meat marinades and used in salad dressings.

What are some uses for pickled onions? – Tacos – Indian Dishes – Quinoa Bowls – Migas – Scrambled Eggs – Avocado Toast – Hot Dogs & Burgers – Salads – They’re perfect on anything that needs a sweet-spicy, crunchy kick!



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