Italian  Wedding  Soup 

It comes together on the stove in no time and is even easy to prepare ahead of time. This soup always makes for a delicious, hearty, and warming family-friendly meal.

Why you'll LOVE Italian Wedding Soup: 

INGREDIENTS for Italian Wedding Soup

– homemade meatballs (ingredients on the blog post)  or store bought – olive oil  – yellow onion – carrots – garlic – chicken broth  – acini de pepe pasta (or orzo) – baby kale  – kosher salt & black pepper – parmesan cheese (for serving) 

What Is Italian Wedding Soup?

The name Italian wedding soup comes from the Italian phrase, “minestra maritata”, meaning “married soup”. This references how all of the ingredients and Italian flavors are “married” together once they come together in the pot.

Substitutions to make this soup your own:  Don’t feel like making homemade meatballs? Use frozen store-bought meatballs instead! Out of fresh kale? Toss in some spinach or escarole. The options are endless!

What to Pair with Italian Wedding Soup

-crusty bread or crostini -homemade croutons -toasted ravioli -arugula salad -breadsticks -wedge salad



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