Tanghulu strawberries on pink plate.

Easy Tanghulu Recipe (How to Make Tanghulu Fruit)

Snacking on fruit is fun again thanks to tanghulu! Skewered fruit is dipped in an easy and sweet sugar syrup, giving you a glistening and fruity snack no one can pass up. Best of all, it’s easy to make at home using almost any fruit you like!

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Collage of American deserts with text overlay.

35+ Classic American Desserts (Pies, Cakes & More)

America is a land of diversity, and that is reflected in its desserts. From the classic chocolate chip cookie to the more unique sweet potato pie, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here are 35+ of the best American desserts to try!

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Spoonful taken out of can of dulce de leche made with condensed milk.

Dulce de Leche with Condensed Milk (Easy Recipe)

Learn how to make dulce de leche at home using two ingredients: boiling water and cans of condensed milk! It’s an easy and hands-off process that transforms condensed milk into a sweet and rich caramel-like sauce to drizzle over ice cream, cakes, and much more.

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