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I’m Erin – a self-taught weeknight cook. I’m a 30-something who started cooking more seriously in my 20’s. I occasionally like to delve into the more complicated recipes, like homemade pasta, Cioppino, and boeuf bourguignon. But for the most part, I work full-time, come home, pour a glass of vino and start cooking away with my cooking buddy, our labradoodle “Sammie”. She rarely gets to sample the dinners but is happy to keep me company just the same.

I do get to share dinners most nights with my fiancee Rick who is such a good sport and happy to try anything that I feel like whipping up. Although, I have to say that documenting everything I cook tends to put the food on the table at a “lukewarm” temperature at best!

Founded in October, 2014, Platings and Pairings grew out of my love for all things yummy – especially food and wine. I love to cook and I love to go wine tasting. This blog merges both of those favorites into one. Living in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, I’ve got access to amazing wines and I love to showcase those on my blog. However, I also love wines from all over the world and from all price points. Food favorites are all over the charts as well – From my Nana’s homemade Sunday Gravy to Korean Kimchi Tacos, I’ll feature foods that run the gamut, as long as the recipes are tried and tested by me and proven to be delicious! – Erin.

Lange Estate is located high in the Dundee Hills with an amazing view of Mount Hood on a clear day. It’s one of my favorite spots to have a picnic and enjoy the views in wine country | platingsandpairings.com

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Please contact me if you’d like to learn more about sponsored posts or additional opportunities. Current media kit available upon request. My portfolio is available here. I look forward to working with you!

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  1. Carol

    I’m excited to try the bone broth recipe, using 3.5 pounds of bones. What crock pot size (as in quart capacity) do you use for this? My current crock pot holds only 4 quarts.


    1. Erin

      Hi Carol – I use an 8-quart crock pot for my bone broth.


  2. Chris Langevin

    Thanks for the great ideas, I’m making the enchilada meatballs tonight! wish me luck…


    1. Erin

      Good luck Chris – I hope you enjoy!


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