Mexican pickled carrots on small plate with spoon.

Spicy Mexican Pickled Carrots (Easy Recipe!)

Learn how to make Mexican Pickled Carrots at home! Tender-crisp carrots are pickled with spicy jalapeños and aromatics to create the perfect tangy-hot, crunchy condiment to add to any meal. They stay fresh and crisp for up to 2 weeks, and there’s no canning needed!

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Sauteed peppers in large skillet.

Traditional Pepperonata Recipe

Pepperonata is a classic Italian sauce made from bell peppers, tomatoes, and aromatics. It’s easy to make in one skillet and has mouthwatering flavors, making it a wonderful pairing for sandwiches, pizzas, omelets, pasta, grilled meats, and more!

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Cooked corn in white serving bowl with spoon.

How to Cook Canned Corn (Make it Taste Great!!!)

Learn how to instantly turn an ordinary vegetable into an extraordinary side dish with this easy canned corn recipe! It covers everything, from how to cook canned corn on the stovetop to how to dress it up with seasonings and flavor boosters to what to serve with it for a meal to remember.

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