Collage of squid recipes with text overlay.

20+ Squid Recipes to Cook Up! (Calamari Recipes)

Move over, shrimp and salmon, there’s a new seafood vying for your plate’s attention: squid! Often relegated to fried rings or calamari appetizers, this versatile ingredient absolutely deserves more attention in the kitchen. Here are 20+ easy squid recipes to try out!

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Collage of recipes that use leftover ham with text overlay.

35+ Easy Leftover Ham Recipes for Dinner

The holidays are over, and the fridge is overflowing with delicious leftover ham. But what to do with all of it? Here’s 35+ leftover ham recipes to unleash your culinary creativity and turn it into something new and exciting!

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Collage of carrot and celery recipes with text overlay.

30+ Carrot & Celery Recipes (The Ultimate Duo!)

The humble carrot and celery, often relegated to veggie platters, are ready to take center stage. This vibrant orange and green combo is the ultimate versatile pairing, offering endless possibilities from hearty stews to refreshing salads, all at a budget-friendly price. Here’s 30+ carrot & celery recipes to try out!

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Collage of oregano recipes with text overlay.

35+ Oregano Recipes to Try Out! (Fresh & Dried)

Hey oregano lovers! Let’s talk about the herb that’s way more than just pizza topping. Oregano, yeah, that leafy green stuff, is so much more than just a sidekick to pepperoni and cheese. It’s like the cool cousin of basil, the chill uncle of rosemary, and the party-starter of the herb garden. Here’s 35+ oregano recipes to try out.

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