New Years Eve

Two glasses of eggnog topped with whipped cream and sprinkle of nutmeg. Garnished with cinnamon stick.

How to Make Eggnog // Classic Recipe + VIDEO

Learn how to make eggnog with this easy recipe that’s perfect for the holidays! Serve it as-is for a non-alcoholic eggnog or spike it with your favorite alcohol like brandy, bourbon or rum. 

Winter is coming, which means bring on the chocolate shortbread cookies, Hallmark movies, and mugs of this amazing, creamy nog (preferably spiked).  Continue Reading “How to Make Eggnog // Classic Recipe + VIDEO”


Classic Potato Latkes Recipe + VIDEO

This traditional Potato Latkes recipe is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Their irresistible golden crusts are seasoned with just a sprinkling of salt and ready to be served with a side of sour cream and applesauce. They’re perfect for Hanukkah, but you’ll want to enjoy them year round. 

PS – Love latkes? You’ll also love these smashed potatoes

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Three mugs of mulled wine on counter next to cinnamon sticks and orange slices.

Mulled Wine (Slow Cooker, Stove or Instant Pot) 

This traditional Mulled Wine recipe is perfect for chilly nights. Also known as gluhwein, it can be made in the slow cooker, on the stove or in your instant pot.

Right up there with my other favorite warm drinks like the Hot Toddy and Mulled Cider is Mulled Wine. Give me a holiday movie, cozy sweater (with sleeves just a tad too long) and a mug of this and I’m a happy girl for the night.  Continue Reading “Mulled Wine (Slow Cooker, Stove or Instant Pot) “

Stuffed crab deviled eggs on dark background topped with sesame seeds, avocado, radishes and cucumber.

Crab Deviled Eggs // “California Roll” Style

Crab Deviled Eggs are an eay, delicious variation of the classic recipe. It’s like your favorite California Roll in deviled egg form. The creamy yolks are combined with wasabi for a spicy kick, then they’re topped with crab, avocado and cucumber.

PS – For the easiest to peel eggs, try out these Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs. Continue Reading “Crab Deviled Eggs // “California Roll” Style”