5 Gifts for Wine Lovers this Holiday Season

Looking for a perfect gift for that wine lover in your life? I’ve got you covered. Here’s 5 perfect budget-friendly wine gifts (from $10-$50).

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  1. Wine Decanter ($35). Not only does this decanter aerate wine to open its flavor, it’s also super stylish and will fit in with any decor. 
  2. Champagne Stopper ($10). Save those bubbles with this champagne stopper. It’s a must for any champs fan! Comes in a set of 2. 
  3. Firstleaf Wine Club ($44.95). This wine club helps your favorite wine lover discover new varieties that are guaranteed to be delicious. Use my code PLATINGS to get 6 bottles for $44.95 + 6 months of free shipping!
  4. Marble Wine Chiller ($28). This stunning marble cooler keeps drinks chilled for two full hours with no refrigeration. 
  5. Wine Foil Cutter ($10). Make opening bottles a breeze with this handy foil cutter. A must for any wine fan. 

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