35+ Indian Desserts & Treats to Make at Home

Indian cuisine is renowned for its diverse flavors and culinary traditions, and its desserts are no exception. From delicate pastries to luscious puddings, Indian desserts offer a tantalizing array of flavors, textures, and cultural richness.

From the melt-in-your-mouth sweetness of gulab jamun to the creamy indulgence of kulfi, and the delicate intricacy of jalebi, Indian desserts are a celebration of flavors, colors, and centuries-old traditions.

Whether enjoyed during festivals, special occasions, or as a delightful ending to a sumptuous Indian meal, these desserts transport taste buds to a realm of sweetness and sensory delight that is uniquely Indian.

PS – Don’t forget about these vegetarian Indian dishes and chicken Indian dishes too! Or, chose from these 50+ easy Indian recipes. Plus, start off your meal with one of these 25+ easy Indian appetizers.

Indian Dessert Recipes to Make at Home

This easy and delicious Firni recipe made with evaporated milk is perfect for any occasion! Simple ingredients. Traditional flavours.
Get the RECIPE from The Cinnamon Jar
Vegan Coconut/Nariyal ladoos is a simple and easy Indian sweets recipe that can be made in just 15 minutes! These coconut balls are delicious!
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Milk Barfi or Milk Powder Burfi is a super delicious, melt in mouth Indian sweet / fudge recipe prepared 5 ingredients. A perfect sweet to make this Diwali!
Get the RECIPE from Cook with Kushi
This cake is very nostalgic and will remind you of your favourite Indian dessert “Gulab Jamun”, the flavour and aroma is just so divine. It is a one bowl cake recipe which is just impossible to mess up. The ingredients are staples that could be found right in your pantry.
Get the RECIPE from Alia Bakes
Angoori Kesari Gulab Jamuns | Some passionately call them Indian’s national dessert and they are truly loved across the subcontinent. They're the most delicious, surprisingly easy sweet and you’ll wonder why you never made these before.
Get the RECIPE from Passionate About Baking
Either served with sweet rabdi, or with cold sour yogurt, it’s tough to not pick one when you see a pile of Jalebi gleaming in golden syrup.
Get the RECIPE from Playful Cooking
Gajar Halwa | Carrot Pudding is a quintessential dessert that is a Diwai speciality and always a welcoming treat during cold winter months.
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Roshogulla or Rasgulla are sweet balls made of cottage cheese that are cooked and simmered in light and sweet sugar syrup.
Get the RECIPE from Cooking with Sapana
Badam Kheer (Almond Kheer, Badam Payasam) is an Indian dessert where milk is cooked with almond paste & saffron.
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Plump milky dumplings are soaked in a rosewater and cardamom scented sweet milk and topped off with nuts and saffron. Truly a dessert fit for a king (and me) and Diwali!
Get the RECIPE from Alica’s Pepperpot
A festive, milk-based dessert that is easy to make at home. I used fresh beetroot juice to color the sandesh.
Get the RECIPE from Cupcakeree
Paan Peda- a rich tasting sweet made with mawa (milk solids), sugar and paan leaves! The paan leaves give it a refreshing taste!
Get the RECIPE form Cook With Manali
A rich and decadent dessert made with humble Indian pantry ingredients. Besan ka halwa typically requires a lot of time and energy to make due to constant stirring, but my recipe is as quick and easy as can be. You’ll be able to make this dessert in minutes!
Get the RECIPE from My Heart Beets
Bengali Malpua is a delicious dessert widely made during festivals and special occasions. They are crispy on the outside and juicy inside.
Get the RECIPE from Cook’s Hide Out
Kulfi Indian Ice Cream – An easy no-churn kulfi ice cream recipe made with pistachios, cardamom, and a hint of saffron. Perfect to serve by the scoopful or enjoy as pistachio ice cream pops!
Get the RECIPE from A Spicy Perspective
Inspired by the popular Indian dessert, this Gajar Halwa ice cream is a luscious NO CHURN ice cream that is super delicious.
Get the RECIPE from Herbivore Cucina
Best tasting authentic melt in your mouth Mysore Pak recipe made out of pure Ghee (and not oil) just the way it should be, no compromises!
Get the RECIPE from Just Home Made
Chhena Poda which roughly translates to ‘burnt cheese’ refers to a dessert with freshly made cottage cheese that is mashed and made fragrant with cardamom powder, loosened with whey or milk, sweetened with jaggery or sugar and traditionally baked in sal tree leaves or banana leaves over traditional oven.
Get the RECIPE from Easy Food Smith
Learn here how to make most delicious crisp flaky badusha or balushahi recipe step by step at home. It is a delicious flaky traditional Indian sweet made during festivals and weddings.
Get the RECIPE from Cubes N Juliennes
Shahi Tukda also known as a Shahi Tukra/Tukary, it is a very popular rich desert that has originated from the Mughal reign.
Get the RECIPE from Binjal’s Veg Kitchen
Learn how to make traditional Indian sweet, Ghevar with step by step instructions. This Indian sweet is made with flour and soaked in sugar syrup.
Get the RECIPE from Cook With Manali
Patishapta is a classic Bengali winter dessert. Delicate eggless crêpe filled with creamy solid milk (khoya), jaggery and coconut.
Get the RECIPE from Playful Cooking
Gavvalu. Made with all-purpose flour and jaggery, these bellam gavvalu so addictive and delicious!
Get the RECIPE from Cooking From Heart
Nankhatai biscuits are an Indian version of shortbread cookies. They are crispy and crumbly, light and flaky, with a tender crumb, and absolutely delicious!
Get the RECIPE from Aromatic Essence
Popular Indian sweet, Kaju Katli is a fudge made out of cashews. The homemade version is so much better than the store bought!
Get the RECIPE from Cook With Manali
Mango Shrikhand (Amrakhand) is a popular Indian dessert recipe made using yogurt and mango puree. It is a delicious and refreshing variation of the classic shrikhand. 
Get the RECIPE from Whisk Affair
Crispy and crunchy Til Chikki or sesame crisps are made with roasted sesame seeds, sugar, laced with floral cardamom, and a hint of salt.
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Creamy milk reduced to a thick pudding of sorts that is sweetened with sugar and made fragrant with saffron and cardamom, one spoon of this rabri is enough to make you forget about all the woes in this world!
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Rajbhog is a popular Bengali sweet. Rajbhog is made with soft fresh paneer, saffron and stuffed with mix dry fruit, these are soaked in a sugar syrup and served chilled or at room temperature.
Get the RECIPE from Binjal’s Veg Kitchen
Karanji is a Maharashtrian sweet fried dumpling stuffed with a filling of coconut, wheat flour, poppy seeds, and nuts. These crispy treats are usually made during Holi, Diwali or Ganesh Chaturthi festival.
Get the RECIPE from Shweta In The Kitchen
My basundi gulab jamun panna cotta is the perfect dessert for any festive occasion! Saffron & cardamom infused creamy panna cotta with a gulab jamun center makes this decadent dessert absolutely irresistible. 
Get the RECIPE from Lime Thyme
This is an Indian sweet called khajoor ki mithai, a cardamom-spiced date fudge. A naturally sweet dessert you can feel good about indulging in this holiday season. This date fudge is made with Medjool dates, nuts, and a bit of ghee.
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Rich and creamy mango lassi! You can make this restaurant favorite in minutes with three ingredients and a blender.
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Masala doodh, or masala milk, is a sweet Indian drink made with nuts, warming spices, and the milk of your choice. You can sweeten this cardamom and saffron spiced drink with sugar or keep it naturally sweet by using dates! I love drinking this as a dessert – it’s sweet and filling.
Get the RECIPE from My Heart Beets
Cream rich with the flavor of date palm jaggery, this Nolen Gur Kulfi is a treat you need to try this summer! 
Get the RECIPE from Playful Cooking
Crispy thin and mildly sweet, this Fuljhuri Pitha is a famous sweet dish from Bangladesh. It’s extremely moreish and tough to stop at just one.
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How to Make Ahead and Store

Many of these recipes can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator for a few days or even in the freezer. Simply check the individual recipes for full storing instructions and details on how to make ahead. 

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35+ BEST Indian Desserts

Indian cuisine is known for its diverse flavors & culinary traditions. And its desserts are no exception. Here are 35+ Indian desserts to try out! We love this easy to make Mango Lassi!
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